Z2 21K Pack | 5un Energy Gel Z2

As you increase the duration and intensity of exercise, your body needs more. Complement with your Z2 and Z2+, giving preference to flavors with more sodium to replace electrolytes , in addition to benefiting from that extra boost of energy. caffeine and taurine and greater resistance of BCAA , also present in Z2+ gels.

A suggestion for the test is to alternate Z2 and Z2+* gels every 20-40min depending on the intensity. In other words, the more intense, the more gels. Remembering that the consumption strategy needs to be trained before the test.

On hotter days: Z2 Pitaya, Z2+ Lemon and Z2+ Pineapple are excellent options.

*About gels with or without caffeine: it depends on your adaptation. If you decide to use caffeine, avoid repeating the gels with the component (Choco Mint, Berry, Iced Coffee and Freezin Cola) at intervals of less than 1h30. Unless you are very adapted and have trained this before.

**If you have difficulty consuming gels more frequently, we suggest alternating the use of Z2+ gels with the Z2 neutral line gel. The greater liquidity and flavor neutrality of flavor will help in this regard.

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[21K] - Energy Gel Z2 Choco Mint
[21K] - Energy Gel Z2 Pitaya
[21K] - Energy Gel Z2 Salted Caramel
[21K] - Energy Gel Z2 Tropical Fruit
[21K] - Energy Gel Z2+ Freezin' Cola
[21K] - Energy Gel Z2+ Iced Coffee
[21K] - Energy Gel Z2+ Lemon
[21K] - Energy Gel Z2n Smooth Mint