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[A01] - Ampli Post-Workout | Chocolate 675g - R$259.90
[A01] - Ampli Post-Workout | Lemon 675g - R$259.90


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Introducing our latest innovation in nutrition for athletes, Ampli Post-Workout.

Designed for the post-workout moment, it contains in a single dose 20g of isolated protein for every 10g of carbohydrates, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals, magnesium and type 2 collagen.

Ideal for use after any physical activity, whether endurance, skill or strength, Ampli contains dextrose and D-Ribose, quality carbohydrates that stimulate the resynthesis of muscle glycogen and enable better recovery.

The idea is not to replace one of your meals, but to provide in one package everything you need to maintain your good health, leaving you ready to train or compete again as soon as possible.

Available in two incredible flavors, chocolate and lemon. Total of 15 doses (45g, 2 scoops) per package.


Our formula was meticulously designed to amplify the athlete's recovery, in addition to providing substrates for joint protection, improvement of the immune system, restoration of energy reserves and cellular metabolism.

Elevate your game. Your quest to amplify performance now has a new ally!


Consume immediately after training. Dilute 45 g (2 measuring measures) in 350 ml of water in your shaker and shake vigorously. Recommended use: Consume 45 g (2 scoops) of the product in ice-cold water after physical activity or according to professional advice from your doctor or nutritionist. Product recommended for people over 19 years old.