SKU: Z2MLB0002

Z2 Everything Pack 2.0 | 10pcs Energy Gel Z2

R$ 126,80

Pack with special blend of Z2 gels.

Pack composition: 1pc Tropical Fruit, 1pc Choco Mint, 1pc Salted Caranel, 1pc Lemon, 1pc Iced Coffee, 1pc Pineapple Mint, 1pc Pitaya, 1pc Freezin' Cola, 2pc Neutral.

Recommended for: tests and/or training, travel, gifts.

Considering the standard of 60g* of carbohydrate consumption per hour, this pack provides you with energy for at least 4 hours of flying in training and/or tests.

*Always consult a nutritionist to create your personalized nutrition plan that meets your real needs.

Type: Gel Pack