Terms and Conditions Subscription Plan




Update date: 03/28/2023



Below are the contact details on the Z2 FOODS SUPLEMENTOS ESPORTIVOS LTDA website




Telephone: +55 (11) 3068-9233

WhatsApp: +55 (11) 93348-3376



The “Z2 Club” Subscription Plan is offered by Z2 Foods Suplementos Esportivos Ltda., a company registered with the CNPJ/MF under nº 41.255.434/0001-10, with headquarters at Rua Dr Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto, 360, 05415-020, in the Capital of the State of São Paulo, for individuals and legal entities and will be governed by the provisions of this document, called “Terms and Conditions”.


By choosing to join the Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription Plan, you will accept this document and the clauses that comprise it. In addition to the Terms and Conditions, the General Commercial Conditions can be accessed on the website https://www.z2foods.com/policies/privacy-policy



1.1. Eligible for consumers aged 18 (eighteen) or over, residing in Brazil, limited to 1 (one) Z2 “CLUBE Z2” Subscription plan per registered CPF that is registered on the Z2 “CLUBE Z2” website.


1.2. In the Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription you can subscribe to all the products available in the “Flavors” tab. It is not possible to change frequency or quantity. Once the flavors have been chosen, the customer can only change them via email to sac@z2foods.com


1.3. The Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription plan will last for as long as the Consumer maintains active payments, without delays or cancellations. Or while Z2 “CLUB Z2” keeps the Subscription available. Z2 may, at any time, decide to suspend or terminate it, by communicating on the Website (www.z2foods.com) or via email.



2.1. To join the Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription plan, simply register on the Z2 “CLUB Z2” website and follow the purchase flow of a common product.


2.2. When registering, personal data (name, CPF and address) will be collected. In this sense, in addition to agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, it is important that you are aware of and agree with the Privacy Policy.



3.1. The value of the Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription varies according to the products and quantities chosen by the consumer, being charged according to the selected frequency (monthly) based on the plan selected by the Consumer. When contracting the Subscription, the consumer will pay for the chosen products and shipping costs, which vary per order according to the delivery region and carrier available at the time of the order, exclusively via credit card. Card details are saved for future orders, but we guarantee data security. The Subscription cannot be purchased or paid for in any other way.


3.2. The Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription does not have a fixed price. The consumer will personalize their Subscription with which products they want and the quantities. Additionally, the value may change as discount benefits are released.


3.3. There is no monthly fee, membership or cancellation fee. The consumer will only pay the value of the Subscription products and delivery fees.


3.4. Z2 “CLUBE Z2” reserves the right to terminate the Consumer Subscription plan at any time, without explicit reason, as long as this decision is communicated in advance by email or telephone contact.




4.1. Payment must be made by Visa, Mastercard or other credit card that the billing platform may have available, without the option of installments. Orders will be charged according to the purchase frequency established by the consumer on the same date they purchased. The consumer can change the billing date by contacting sac@z2foods.com


4.2. If there is a payment failure on the card registered in the Subscription, Z2 “CLUBE Z2” will make new billing attempts during a period of 2 (two) consecutive days on the credit card informed by the Consumer.


4.3. The consumer can change the card registered to pay for their Subscription by contacting sac@z2foods.com directly





5.1. The plan may be canceled by the Consumer at any time, without penalty, upon request. If the Consumer wishes to cancel their Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription, simply contact the customer service center by sending an email to sac@z2foods.com with the title “Cancel Subscription” with the email and CPF registered in the plan you want to cancel.


5.2. It is necessary to cancel at least 1 day in advance of the next order date. If you have any questions regarding the date, please contact sac@z2foods.com


5.3. In case of three consecutive errors in the recurrence attempt, the Subscription will be automatically canceled. If you wish to continue with the program, you must contact our Customer Service.





6.1. The consumer can change any information on their subscription order up to 2 days in advance of the next order date. Just send an email to sac@z2foods.com


6.2 Z2 “CLUBE Z2” reserves the right to change the amounts charged for any products sold under subscription as long as the customer is informed in advance (30 days in advance) by email, website or telephone.



7.1. Website promotions cannot be combined with Subscription purchases, as subscribers have several exclusive discounts and benefits.


7.2. Website discount coupons are not applicable to Subscription, only coupons aimed at subscribers will be valid for Subscription accounts.


7.3. All other purchases made on the website remain valid.



8.1. Z2 “CLUBE Z2” reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions covered in this document from time to time, as it deems necessary. Any changes regarding the Z2 “CLUB Z2” Subscription plans will be communicated to the affected Consumers, by appropriate means, which may be email or website.