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Gels are made up of carbohydrates, which is the body's preferred fuel source during exercise. They are useful for providing energy and reporting glycogen stores that are lost during training.
Pre-workout (3 to 15 minutes before) or intra-workout (every 30-45 minutes when training is >1h or intense).
The gels take 3 to 15 minutes to take effect.
The one you like best! We generally recommend gels with a higher amount of sodium (Pitaya, Lemon, Pineapple and Freezin' Cola) for training in high temperatures - and if you also sweat a lot. For more intense and longer workouts, gels with caffeine, taurine and BCAA are a great choice.
Improve performance and maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Gels may also include caffeine, which has been shown to improve exercise performance, as well as BCAAs, which may help relieve muscle soreness.


Power Powder can be taken before your workout, as a replacement or complement to your meal and/or also during training. 1 scoop of Power Powder is equivalent to approximately 1 gel.
Dilute 1 dose (3 scoops) in 500-700ml of water or 1/2 dose in 250-500ml of water.
Both Iced Tangerine and Smooth Mint contain 84g of carbohydrates and 309mg of sodium per serving (3 scoops or 90g). Smooth Mint belongs to our N line, that is, with as little flavor as possible. Power Powder Lime Zest is now a Z2+ and its new formula contains more electrolytes. In each dose we have 80g of carbohydrates, 750mg of sodium, 180mg of calcium and 63mg of magnesium.
The dose is customizable (1 scoop is equivalent to 27g of carbohydrate, that is, practically a gel) so it can be used before or during light, moderate or intense training. The longer and more intense, the greater the need for carbohydrates.


Ampli contains protein and carbohydrates to help your muscles recover and store energy for your next workout. It also provides substrates for joint protection, improvement of the immune system, restoration of energy reserves and cellular metabolism.
Carbs and proteins are essential after workouts to replenish glycogen and repair muscles. When consumed together and immediately after exercise, in this proportion, they optimize recovery, stimulating the synthesis of glycogen and muscle proteins.
No, Ampli was specifically made as a post-workout supplement to improve muscle recovery, replenish energy and amplify the absorption of nutrients from your next meal. We recommend consuming a balanced meal after taking Ampli.
The difference is that Ampli has 10g of high quality carbohydrates (D-ribose and Dextrose) to quickly replenish the energy used during training and start the glycogen resynthesis process after training or competition.
Anyone who practices physical activity, whatever it may be. The proportion and combination of nutrients was specifically designed to meet the needs of most individuals and are ideal for use after any physical activity, whether endurance, skill or strength, to amplify recovery.